About NEPA

The National Environmental Protection Agency is one of the most important government agencies working to secure safe living for the conservation of natural heritage, prevent wildlife extinction and other day-to-day environmental issues in the center and provinces to meet livelihood needs and improve the economic and Provides social security in the country and issues relevant laws, regulations, bills and policies, and after implementation of the procedures, and also plans for the awareness of the compatriots around all aspects of the environment, and enforces it. covers.

Climate Change & Adaptation

Climate change in Afghanistan will have severe consequences for socio-economic development. The vulnerability assessment of a potential seven different sectors revealed that water resources is the most vulnerable sector followed by forestry and range land, agriculture, health, biodiversity, energy and waste.

Sustainable Development

As per the environmental law of Afghanistan and other legislative and regulatory documents, this division has responsibility of reviewing governmental and private sector development projects and plans and with the cooperation of EIA committee makes decisions on mitigation of negative impacts of projects or rejection of projects. The EIA committee was established according to the article 20th of environment law of Afghanistan.

Monitoring & Inspection

Control, inspection and inspection of air and water quality, solid waste, waste, sewage, and efforts to reduce pollution and monitor the implementation of environmental standards in the clarity of regulations, procedures and environmental law.

Natural heritages

On September 25, 2015 world leaders from 193 nations including Afghanistan endorsed an ambitious agenda for global change called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs represent a fifteen-year agenda (2015-2030) to guide the international community in our shared efforts to achieve three objectives: end extreme poverty; fight inequality and injustice; and protect our planet. At the UN General Assembly, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, on behalf of the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan – GoIRA, committed to pursuing these goals together with Afghanistan’s development partners.

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