Supervision of the Medical Waste Committee from the Clinical Waste Disposal Operations Centers

2019-09-07 10:19:09
Engineer Ezatollah Sediqi, Deputy Director of the National Environmental Protection Agency and members of the Medical Waste Committee, monitored the operation of the Waste Disposal and Waste Disposal Operating Centers of Kamiab and Gulbuddin Hakimi companies in the Qasabah area of District 15 in Kabul for 14 months.
Medical waste committee members oversee the operating and clinical waste disposal centers of the prosperous companies and Gulbuddin Hakimi companies and their officials, regarding the activity of waste incinerators, capacity, degree of combustion, collection, separation of waste and their transportation. The centers were given information by committee members.
The National Agency for Environmental Protection, after hearing the reports of these companies, while appreciating their investment in this area, identified some parts of the company as operating in accordance with the regulations of the Clinical Waste Regulations, but its activities in this location. Called it inappropriate and called for these companies to be relocated out of town and into the future.
The members of the Medical Waste Committee did not evaluate the transportation, waste separation management and the operation of the waste incinerator at Gulbodine Hakimi Company and provided guidance on how to improve it.
The National Environmental Protection Agency's Special Representative urged officials from these companies to provide the Committee with a complementary report on the creation, capacity and challenges ahead of their activities.
Mr Siddiqui led the the chief Supervision and Inspection to check how smoke emitted from these companies inside and around the air quality monitoring unit and to report to the next meeting of the committee.
Engineer Nick Mohammad Audit Supervision also briefed committee members and officials on the medical waste management plan developed by the National Environmental Protection Agency.