National Environmental Protection Agency
Climate Change Directorate

Climate Change Directorate has established based on requirement on 2010 at National Environmental Protection Agency Framework. This Directorate works on Climate Change and its impacts through the country and based of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s commitment on UNFCCC objectives.

Climate Change Directorate Structure:
1. Climate Change Adaption Sub-Directorate
2. Climate Change Mitigation Sub-Directorate
3. Climate Change Finance Sub-Directorate

Climate Change Directorate is working based on Environmental law and Afghanistan commitments on UNFCCC objectives, and has responsibility to address the climate change in Afghanistan both Adaptation and Mitigation.
1. To establish effective coordination in the all aspects of climate change between line ministries, private sectors, national NGOs and MIEs.
2. To monitor and evaluate the implementation of climate change policies, strategies, long term and med-term planning from our stakeholders.
3. To mainstream climate change issues into national policies and development planning.
4. Public awareness related to adverse impact of climate change to the all community level in order to build their capacities to straggle against to impacts of climate change.
5. To monitor climate change projects and involve in the all stage of the project with the BIEs, MIEs during the implementation of climate change projects.
6. Identify the causes and source of Greenhouse Gases emission at the national level.
7. Avoid the anthropogenic intervention and stabilize the concentration of GHGs at the atmosphere.
8. Reduce the GHG emission and increase the sink.
9. To assess the vulnerability and build adaptive capacity and increases the resilience in order to save the ecosystem and decrease the threats either unexpected climatic risks or stabilize the climatic factors situation.

Climate Change Directorate’s Key activities:
-> Preparation of the National Adaptation Programme of Action.
-> Preparation of the National Capacity Need self Assessment.
-> Submitted Afghanistan’s Initial National Communication to the UNFCCC Secretariat.
-> Preparation of the National Adaptation Plan.
-> Preparation of the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action.
->Submitting of Nationally Determine Contribution to the UNFCCC Secretariat.
-> Preparation of the Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan.
-> Preparation of the Designated National Authority for CDM.
-> Submitting of the Second National Communication to the UNFCCC Secretariat.
-> Preparation of the First Biennial Update Report (Draft) under UNFCCC.
-> Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) is under implementation.
In collaboration with line ministries and MIEs we have accessed to GEF, LDCFs, GCF and Adaptation Fund.

Global Environment Facility Ongoing Projects
We have 10 ongoing projects from GEF and 7 pipeline projects.

GCF Pipeline Projects
Currently we have 5 Pipeline projects from Green Climate Fund.

Adaptation Fund Projects
We have 2 pipeline projects from Adaptation Fund.

Future planning:
-> To implement the GCF Readiness-1
-> From Green Climate Fund 2 Proposal are under preparation
-> To establish NIE for Green Climate Fund
-> To establish NIE for Adaption Fund
-> Preparing of the country programme
-> To prepare the Technology Needs Assessment report
-> To prepare the Second Biennial Update Report
-> To prepare the Third National Communication.
-> To revise Nationally Determined Contribution by 2020.
-> Coordination with line ministries and MIEs in order to develop and prepare concept notes and proposals to be submitted to GCF and another global climate finance.

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