Water quality testing/span>

Survey and Evaluation of Potential Pollutants in the Protection of Water Wells of Kabul City (Alaweddin, Logar and Afshar) in collaboration with GIZ Office of the Water Sector (DWP), Ministry of Water and Wastewater Management, Kabul Municipality And the National Environmental of Protection  Agency has been commissioned and reported and partnered with relevant bodies.

Preventing arbitrary excavations at the wells and preventing the dumping of debris and sewage continues to protect the wells around the wells and walls.

Qualitative alchemical testing of water resources from various areas of Kabul city by a technical team from Shah Doumshahr, Qassaba, Khoshal Khan Minne, Omid Sabz Town, Paul Hassan Khan Area, Industrial Parks, Mohammad Mohammadi Friday Park, Sakh Nakhas and Khatam Al Nabineh Area. The city of Kabul has been sampled from various sources (deep and mid and deep water) in different seasons of the year. As a matter of fact, no figures above the water quality standard were observed, except in the sixth district and in some districts. The PHP parameter points of the water are due to the position of the small difference which is annexed to the following table:


Chemical Testing of Water Quality Sources by Spectrophotometer from Different Areas of Kabul City in 1397
RemarksParameter NameDistrict 3District 13District 9District 8District 7District 6District 5District 15District 2Water Standard QualityNumber
PH8.59.758.17.897.998.97.3598.26.5 - 91
Nitrate (NO3)0.006 mg/l0.007 mg/l2.401 mg/l1.34mg/l0.6mg/l47.35mg/l0.000mg/l0.007mg/l1.5mg/l50mg/l2
Copper/Zinc 0 mg/l0.08 mg/l0.028 mg/l0.06mg/l0.025mg/l1.2mg/l0.041mg/l0.039mg/l0.14mg/l2.0mg/l3
Chloride (Cl)38.29 mg/l8.447mg/l37.13 mg/l36.75mg/l12.61mg/l20.19mg/l22.46mg/l19.88mg/l37.59mg/l500mg/l4
Sulfate (S04)128.4 mg/l8.364mg/l196.6 mg/l160.3mg/l84.2mg/l266.8mg/l55.28mg/l636.6mg/l141.1mg/l500mg/l5
Phosphorus0.255 mg/l1.228mg/l0.2 mg/l1.28mg/l0.3mg/l0.03mg/l0.3mg/l0.8mg/l0.2mg/l0.5mg/l6
Manganese0.337 mg/l0.158mg/l0.3mg/l0.2mg/l0.1mg/l0.04mg/l0.82mg/l0.098mg/l2.22mg/l0.2mg/l7
Bromine0.00 mg/l0.000mg/l0.000 mg/l0.000mg/l0.000mg/l0.034mg/l0.000mg/l0.338mg/l0.000mg/l0.5mg/l8